Opportunities to Serve on the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health

The Wisconsin Council on Mental Health (WCMH) welcomes applications to serve on the Council and/or the Committees of the Council.  While the Council reviews all applicants, all appointments to the Council are made by the Governor.  The WCMH accepts applications for membership from the following to serve on the Council:

  • mental health consumers;
  • family members of those with mental illnesses;
  • parents of school-age children with severe emotional disturbance;
  • mental health advocates; and,
  • county or private providers of mental health services


Apply to Serve on the Council

To apply two forms should be completed: the Governor's application to serve, and the WCMH Questionnaire..  Please see the application handout for more information on how to apply.

Guide on how to apply to serve on the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health 

Application to serve on the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health and other Governor appointed groups

WCMH Applicant Questionnaire


Serve on a Council Committee

An alternative to serving on the Council, is to participate on one of the Council's committees.  These committees are the:

If you are interested in applying to serve on one of the Council's Committees please contact the Council at WCMH@wisconsin.gov.